The most important investments require TIME. Changing old habits and developing new ones will not happen overnight but here are a few hints to help tackle that resolution list:

Focus on One Change at a Time

Make a list of your resolutions, prioritize them, and validate each of them.  Do they make sense to focus on right now?  It’s wiser to focus on the right change than to start on a list of vague goals.

 Create a Sense of Accountability 

Designate a friend, mentor, or companion for sharing successes, monitoring progress, and offering support. The benefit of involving others in your goals and plans is instant access to experience, knowledge, and wisdom— it also raises the bar of responsibility!

 Consistency Pays Off

A resolution achieved takes consistency and hard work. If you fall behind schedule or are sidetracked for any reason, refocus by working in smaller bites. Will 15-minute increments make it easier to make it a habit? Will focusing on one day help you persist? Will writing down reminders or encouragements help keep your resolution top of mind? 

Try these Tips this coming year!  See what motivates you!

We wish you a New Year of health and happiness. Believe in yourself and you will achieve!

Best Wishes for this New Year and the Years ahead!