Here is what our clients say about Premier Concierge


“The staff at Premier Concierge are absolute professionals! They have always been available for requests from the simplest to the most difficult, last-minute ones. They are always pleasant, professional and prompt. The only call I make is to Premier Concierge for any errand or referral in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.” – Vanessa, Corporate Concierge Assistant (Atlanta, GA)

“As the owner of a company and a single dad with two sons, I don’t know what I would do without Premier Concierge. It didn’t take me long to figure out I needed more than just the Wellness program. The personalized shopping aspect at Premier has been a lifesaver! Their taste is impeccable and they always know what to get without any help from me. I truly appreciate the attention to detail and the “one call does it all” aspect of Premier Concierge.” – Pete (Dallas, TX)

“I had always felt like I was short-changing my family. Quality time was non-existent, let alone finding the time to exercise or socialize with our friends. Since I’ve hired Premier Concierge, I have rediscovered my family and my peace of mind. I am definitely a better parent, husband, and friend.” – C.W. (Highland Park, TX)

“I learned about Premier Concierge from a coworker. He had expressed so much enthusiasm about everything Premier Concierge was doing for him, that I just had to call and see for myself. Wow! What a difference they’ve made in my life. I didn’t realize how much of my life I was missing out on.” – Mike (Dallas, TX)

“I had to plan an extremely important dinner party in a very short amount of time. I called Premier Concierge and what an evening it was! The food was spectacular, and the decorations were beautiful. The valet, the wine selection, the music…Premier Concierge thought of everything.” – G.H. (Frisco, TX)

“I was already using Premier Concierge for my errands and weekly obligations. So when I had to leave town on business for two months, they were the first people I called. Premier Concierge did more than house sit and take care of my pets. They took care of deliveries, maintenance schedules and household administration.” – Karrie (Las Colinas, TX)

“Premier Concierge has saved my sanity! I used to run myself ragged. After working 50+ hours a week and taking care of all of my responsibilities at home, I felt like I was failing my family. They barely saw me and when they did, I was always hurrying and tense from stress. Now that Premier Concierge handles my weekly errands, I have time at the end of the day to spend with my family and to just relax.” – Debra (Plano, TX)

“I have utilized Premier Concierge for home decorating consultation and home maintenance coordination. I have found Premier’s skills in these areas invaluable. I felt that utilizing them for a second opinion on various issues of home decor very beneficial. Their accountability far surpasses most companies in these areas. Premier Concierge has been wonderful to work with as well.” – Gary (Allen, TX)